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Eugeria offers innovative products that combine science and technology, and preserve the dignity of your residents affected by dementia.

Caregiver holding their parent as they are having a meal

The Tovertafel

An interactive game console that engages, stimulates and improves the quality of life of people living with dementia.

Hug by Laugh

Bring comfort and a soothing embrace with a sensory companion designed to be cuddled.

IDEM Smart Clock

Maintain autonomy by scheduling reminders and sending messages remotely from your smart phone to the Idem clock.

Designing for Dementia

Decals to help people with dementia feel more at home and provide sensory therapy.

The only scientifically proven dementia care system.

The Tovertafel

The Tovertafel (magic table) is an award-winning technology from the Netherlands that is designed specifically to engage, stimulate and improve the quality of life of people living with mid to late-stage dementia.

The Tovertafel has shown positive impacts on residents’ quality of life. By creating moments of happiness for people with cognitive impairment, it assists healthcare professionals and fosters play between generations.

Discover what the Tovertafel can do for your residents living with dementia, their families and your staff.

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