The Idem Smart Calendar Clock

Send messages, reminders and receive confirmation of medication intake and meal times! 

This clock innovates by offering you several features that can be easily managed directly from a mobile app.

From your smartphone (or tablet), you can send messages, set reminders and display notifications of upcoming events. Notify your loved one with messages and reminders that can be displayed at the appropriate time!


The Idem smart clock is designed for adults in the early stages of dementia. 

  • With the app, set-up and manage the clock remotely.

  • Four types of communication available - reminders, messages, events, and notes to keep in touch and provide autonomy as well as reassurance. 

  • Understand the behavior of the person in your care with the overview feature.

Useful for:

  • Providing reassurance while the communication and feedback features save precious time for caregivers and healthcare professionals

  • Reassuring your loved one by communicating regularly with them thanks to the messaging feature.

  • Making mealtimes and medications simpler thanks to the reminders.

  • Simplifying the preparation for appointments by displaying upcoming events.

  • Reducing repetitive questions and conversations by posting "post-it" notes at the appropriate time.

  • Receiving confirmations via the mobile app when your loved one confirms reading messages and reminders.

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