The Tovertafel (magic table)


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The Tovertafel (magic table) is an award-winning technology from the Netherlands that is designed specifically to engage, stimulate and improve the quality of life of people living with mid to late stage dementia.  

The Tovertafel is an interactive game console that is mounted to the ceiling. It encompasses a projector, speaker and high resolution sensors that display purposeful games onto a table or the floor. It was created as the result of a PhD and co-designed with care homes.


How is the Tovertafel used?

  • Install it in a common room: it’s always ready to go, day or night
  • IPAC friendly: just sanitize hands and your table before playing
  • No wifi needed: the images are always sharp, no lagging
  • No training required: invite your care aides, nurses and volunteers to play with residents!


Who does the Tovertafel benefit?

Players (people living with dementia):

  • Breaks through apathy
  • Increases physical activity
  • Promotes social activity
  • Reduces restless and tense behavior

Healthcare workers:

  • Improves the relationship between care workers and residents
  • Increases happiness at work
  • Helps manage periods of restlessness, including sundowning and wandering at night


  • Increases the fun during visits
  • Promotes intergenerational ties

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