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The tuxedo companion cat from Joy for All, for people living with dementia, laying on its side.

Eugeria Care

Companion and Activity Bundle (3 items)

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This Mother's Day, treat the special mother figure in your life to a purr-fectly delightful gift set that combines everything she needs to unwind, get creative, and bond with this bundle featuring a companion pet cat, the Spark Your Mind Activity Book and the fair's in town 35 piece puzlle.

Product overview

Offer your loved ones a gift that combines companionship, stimulation, and artistic expression for Mother's Day. This bundle includes:

Joy For All - Cat (Choose Your Model) Offer your loved one a faithful and comforting companion. Joy For All interactive pets are designed to provide soothing companionship, especially for those facing communication difficulties or isolation. Their striking realism creates a warm and beneficial interaction experience.

Spark Your Mind: Activity Book Immerse yourself in a multitude of activities specifically tailored for people living with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. With over 50 carefully selected activities, this collection offers moments of mental stimulation and entertainment. Each activity is designed to be relevant and offer an appropriate level of difficulty, ensuring a rewarding experience.

Aquapaint - Adapted Painting Activity Explore your creativity with Aquapaint, a fun and accessible artistic activity for everyone. Dive into art using only water to reveal vibrant illustrations. Each set includes five different models, specially chosen to spark conversations and precious memories once the painting is complete. Voir la fiche produit.

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