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The red Lift Music Player, an intuitive and simple way to listen to music for people living with dementia.

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Lift Music Player

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Bring joy through music! The Lift Music Player provides a simple interface that enables older adults living with cognitive impairments to play music independently.

Product overview

The Lift Music Player offers an intuitive and simple way to listen to beloved songs and artists. This portable music player comes with 40 preloaded American classic songs and 4GB (up to 1500 songs) of internal memory for your own music. The MP3 files are easily uploaded to the Music Player via the included USB cable. 

With only three controls, this music player makes listening to music easy: 

  • Lift the lid to begin listening to music.
  • Press the large button if you want to skip songs 
  • Close the lid to stop the music 

The Lift Music Player has recessed user controls on the back so that your loved one can't unintentionally turn the music up or down.

Several studies have shown that music can have a positive effect on the cognition and lucidity of people living with dementia, especially when these songs remind us of happy moments.

This portable music player has a vintage look and can be quickly recognized as a device that plays music.

Suitable for

The Lift Music Player is suitable for people who want a frustration-free music listening experience.

The Lift Music Player is suitable for individuals living with mid to late stage dementia.

The Lift Music Player is suitable for caregivers who want to help their loved ones living with dementia regain autonomy when it comes to listening to music.


Music is shown to improve awareness and memory focus. The Lift Music Player allows people with memory loss to listen to songs that will remind them of memories. We chose this music player in particular for its ease of use and intuitive interface.

  • Dimensions: 11.81” x 7.48” x 4.33”
  • Weight: 3.74lbs
  • Memory capacity: 4GB minimum (about 1500 – 2000 songs)
  • Music upload: via USB connection (cable provided) compatible with Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Music formats: MP3 (Note: not M4P or other DRM files)
  • User controls: ON/OFF and NEXT TRACK
  • Preset controls: Volume control on the back of the device
  • Headphone socket: yes
  • Power consumption: Less than 700mA at 9V
  • Amplifier: 6W Class D mono audio amplifier
  • Speaker: 4ohm 90mm diameter high-quality circular cone
  • Easy-to-use
  • No wifi-needed, no subscription or fees
  • Designed to look like an old radio, easily recognizable
  • Holds up to 1000-1500 songs
  • The volume is preselected on the back and can be changed with a pencil

To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth (not waterproof).

To load new songs:

1. Unplug the power

2. Connect the USB cable to your computer & the Music Player

3. The Music Player may appear as "SMPV100" or it may appear as another "Drive"

4. Copy & paste, or drag and drop your MP3 files from the computer to the Music Player's Drive. If your music files are not MP3, please convert your files to MP3.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To adjust the volume, using a pencil or similar, press and hold one of the buttons underneath the player.

The internal memory is set at 4GB. The length of individual songs has an influence on the amount of songs you can upload on 4GB. Be rather conservative; research shows most people with dementia are happy with a smaller song list of say 25 to 40 tunes. The familiarity of the songs is comforting.

We don’t have a shuffle function due to our research. Generally we have found that most people with dementia only prefer between 25 and 40 tunes and the familiarity of the order is more positive than a random choice. When it is stopped by lowering the lid, it will restart from that position (i.e. not from the beginning). The continual loop of familiar music is far more associative than a random shuffle facility. The requirement for ‘shuffle’ tends to be the desire of the person who doesn't have dementia, not the intended user.

The music player will play the songs in the order in which you drag them into the USB stick. If for example you want to download opera songs, you want the songs to play in the logical order.

There is a headphone socket provided in the rear of the unit. Plugging in the headphones immediately cuts out the main speaker. The socket is a light green in color.

We have provided two sockets in the back panel which override the ’ON/OFF’ and ’NEXT TRACK’ controls. Switches from occupational therapy suppliers are available but please remember this does require a higher level of cognizance to operate than many people living with dementia.

Plug the Simple Music Player to your computer, then plug the Simple Music Player into the power outlet to supply power. A window opens with the songs that come by default on the device. Select the songs, then click the "delete" key on your keyboard. If you have a PC, you are done. If you are using an Apple Mac, follow the steps in the next question.

For Apple users only, the process of deleting files is a bit different because of the way Apple works. The Simple Music Player looks for and plays all the compatible files it finds on its internal memory regardless of which directory or folder they are in. The problem arises because Apple iOS doesn’t actually delete the files when you press the ‘delete’ key, but creates a hidden subfolder called ‘.trash’ or ‘.trash-1000’ and simply moves them into that folder. While you can’t see the files, they still exist and so the music player is finding them and playing them.

To resolve the problems you have two choices: OPTION 1 (preferred option) Re-format the Simple Music Player memory card (this will delete everything on the Simple Music Player) and then drag and drop the music you want back onto it again. How to reformat? The Simple Music Player acts exactly the same as if it’s a USB stick or flash drive plugged into your machine, so formatting is just the same operation. ( ATTENTION 1: You must reformat using fat32 option – other options will not work. ATTENTION 2: Make sure to first plug the music player into your computer through the USB port and plug the music player into the power outlet only as the 2nd step, otherwise it will not work in USB mode. OPTION 2 Empty the trash folder. There is information on how to do this here. (

If you reformat the player, you must choose an MSDOS-FAT format option, NOT an Apple IOS format.

You have the main lid open. To use external or remote switches ensure the lid to be in the down position.



There are no reviews for this product.

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There are no reviews for this product.

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