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Easi-Grip Garden Tools (Set of 3)

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Garden with Ease Using High-Quality Ergonomic Tools

Product overview

Transform your gardening experience with these tools that allow you to do more with less effort! This tool set includes a fork, a cultivator, and a trowel. What sets them apart is their ability to engage the strongest arm muscles while providing the joints with a more natural position.

  • The angled and non-slip handle is extremely comfortable and reduces tension on the wrist. The non-slip grip does not require as firm a grip as traditional tools.
  • The vibrant colors are easier to spot in the garden or shed.
  • The tool is made of stainless steel, allowing it to glide smoothly into the soil, even when wet, and preventing the tool from becoming heavy with soil weight.
  • For additional support, a arm support cuff can be attached to the back of the tool, allowing you to also use the strength of your forearm!



There are no reviews for this product.

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There are no reviews for this product.

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