Designing for Dementia with True Doors and Sensory-Scapes Decals

Create stimulating environments with True Doors and Sensory-scapes.



Created in the Netherlands as part of a social project, True Doors door decals are a simple way to transform a facility hallway into a warm and inviting place.

Each resident chooses from available door designs with the help of their family, True Doors prints the stickers and the facility installs them in minutes with a squeegee.

How can True Doors door decals help?

  • Help residents find and recognize their own doors
  • Increase privacy and sense of security
  • Stimulate reminiscence and social interaction
  • Help residents feel at home
  • Energize caregivers by providing a pleasant place to work



Sensory Scapes designs reminiscing memory care, Montessori practices and other therapies into everyday landscapes. Sensory-scapes artwork make residents, staff and visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

How can Sensory-scapes decals help?

  • Create reminiscing opportunities, mitigate attraction to exit areas, minimize wandering and exit-seeking behavior.

  • Add warmth and brightness to any room.

  • Every design is customized to your space and tailored to your residents' interests.

  • Easy wipe-clean application, affordable, durable and fire-retardant.

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